Stenotyping Services

Taking into account today’s needs and focusing on the shortcomings of the domestic Cypriot and, by extension, Greek market, our company has developed and now offers a versatile stenotyping system in Greek.

Our company, in collaboration with the pioneering American company, Stenograph L.L.C. has developed the theory of stenotyping in the Greek language by adapting the technical and technological requirements to the needs of the Greek language. Implementation of this innovative system has started in 2003 and it has been in a constant and dynamic development until today. In this context, our company has developed as a facilitator of the stenotyping system, the web based software program “ASTRAEA” with a variety of technological capabilities.

This software manages, delivers, checks, and adjusts the products of the stenotyping system, based on the needs of each customer. The stenotyping services are functionally upgraded based on the professional nature of each customer with the sole purpose of ensuring the validity and reliability of any information the system is required to record.

The uniqueness of the system lies in the fact that it is anthropocentric, since it is strictly used by highly trained stenotypists with a high level of knowledge. The stenotyping division now employs more than 40 individuals, who are trained and evaluated in terms of the quality of the services offered on a functional and continuous basis.

Indicatively, our stenotyping services are being successfully used in a wide range of government and professional bodies, such as:
1. Cypriot Courts
2. Semi-governmental organizations
3. Private Law Offices
4. SY.ME.PA. (Συμβούλιο Μελέτης Παρεκκλίσεων)

For more information about the stenotyping services, you can contact us via our website, or by e-mail at

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