SEPAGA is an E.M.I. (Electronic Money Institution) licensed and regulated from Central Bank of Cyprus. SEPAGA’s main activity is the issuance, distribution and redemption of Electronic Money. We offer to international corporate clients a range of financial solutions for managing funds and global payments. We are connected with banks, Payment Service Providers and card processing companies who complete the infrastructure for these services.

Based on strategic agreements SEPAGA operates a banking software (Probanx Information System Ltd), established membership with SWIFT Alliance, obtained a unique BIC number (SEPMCY2N) and has also entered into agreements with principal members of the Card Schemes, VISA and MasterCard to provide acquiring services to its clients.

Sepaga’s is currently working on setting up an open bank environment, under the PSD-2, whereby it will offer its clients Account Information Service (AIS) and ultimately Payment Initiation Services (PIS) to its clients. We anticipate to have this service operational by the end of 2020.

SEPAGA’s Board of Directors consists of professionals with many years of experience in the payment consulting, finance, IT and legal industry. Strong advantage are the owners of the company who have deep knowledge and expertise with an international network and associates.

Our team consists of young driven professionals in a full range of positions such as Compliance, Business Development, Operations, Accounting and IT.

We pride for our team’s culture, professionalism and passion in doing business!

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