Aviation – Ports Security Screening Equipment

Department of Airport and Security Screening Systems

Galatariotis Technical Ltd is the leader in Cyprus since 2003 with regards to Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Support and Maintenance of Security Screening Equipment for airports, Prisons, Ports, and other Critical Facilities.

Since then, the Company has completed successfully many projects, within agreed time frames and budgets.

The extensive and broad technical and operational knowhow acquired by Galatariotis Technical Ltd over the years as well as the continuous flow of new and long term projects have resulted in creating a large, very experienced and committed Technical Team. In addition, we have been able to respond successfully, effectively and very quickly to new urgent requirements by our Customers. Whenever necessary, we have also acquired the capability to build up in a short period of time additional technical teams to carry out any size of new projects, which are completed within the set time targets.

The company has worked successfully in six (6) airports so far, (old Larnaca Airport, old Pafos Airport, new Larnaca Airport, new Pafos Airport, Athens Airport and Thessaloniki Airport) under strict time frames and has always been successful to deliver a project on time and within set budgets. The current company projects are all long term and stabilized without technical issues – in addition, we manage to keep improving the current systems and increase the reliability and redundancy of systems operation. Our technical teams at Larnaca and Pafos Airports are structured to work on 24/7 basis (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) and they provide all required services to the customer at all times, including preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, training, reporting, additional requirements by the Customer etc.

Since 2008 the new Larnaca and Pafos Airports Baggage Handling Systems and Security Screening Equipment maintain over 99,5% availability. The highest the availability of a security system, the higher the security level offered and the customer (passenger) satisfaction.

In addition, our close relation to leading equipment manufacturers provides a one stop solution for an airport with regards to support and maintenance of aviation screening systems. Galatariotis Technical Ltd has secured long term contracts with our customers for the maintenance and operation of the Baggage Handling Systems and also for the maintenance and support of all the security screening equipment such as:

  • Baggage Handling Systems and 100% Hold Baggage Systems,
  • Mobile X-ray Systems for Sea Containers,
  • Computed Tomography machines (CT),
  • Multiview EDS X-rays,
  • Dual View LEDS X-rays,
  • Conventional X-rays,
  • Walk-Through Metal Detectors,
  • Hand Held Metal Detectors,
  • Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detection Systems,
  • Bottle Scanners,
  • Shoe Scanners,
  • Body Scanners,
  • Baggage Reconciliation Systems,
  • Blast Containment Units,
  • Radiation Measurement and Detection systems,
  • Raman Technology instruments,
  • Computer Based Training Systems for X-ray Screeners training and certification,
  • Operational Training for security equipment,
  • Systems Integration,
  • Consultancy Services for Aviation Security,
  • Special Projects not included above.

Our complete solution provides to the airports and other critical facilities a single point of reference and responsibility, improves synergies and reduces the costs for an airport. We also offer trainings to other equipment user teams, such as the x-ray screeners, the check-in counter operators, the baggage loaders etc.


Galatariotis Technical Ltd holds valid the following certifications:

a.  Quality System ISO9001:2008 – includes the following scope:

  • Tendering, supply, installation, commissioning, operation / screening services, maintenance, training, good performance verification and project management of integrated baggage handling and reconciliation systems and of security screening equipment for baggage, cargo and persons.
  • Tendering, supply, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, training and project management of telecommunications Projects (telephone systems and networks, teleconferencing systems, radiocommunication equipment).
  • Supply of stenotyping systems and services.
  • Tendering, lighting, design and supply of lighting fittings and systems.

b.  IQNet certification of Quality System ISO9001:2008 – includes the above described security screening services and equipment

c.  Licensed Electrical Contractor for the following categories (Class A):

  1. Design of Electrical Systems/ Networks (Allowance: Unlimited power and all types of voltages)
  1. Electrical services construction (Allowance: Unlimited power and all types of voltages)
  1. Operation and maintenance of electrical devices and equipment (Allowance: Unlimited power and all types of voltages)

d.  Licensed Civil Contractor (Class D)

e.  Licensed Provider of Satellite Internet communications

Personnel Organization

The Department of Airport and Security Screening Systems of Galatariotis Technical Ltd, is manned by trained and experienced engineers and technicians and managed by a very competent Management Team. The Department is self-sustained, consisted of appropriate number of personnel layers, flexible to Customers’ requirements and needs and is fully capable to support all current Customers and complete new installations and systems.

The GTL personnel of the Department of Airport and Security Screening Systems work at both airports on 24/7/365 basis and their aim is to keep the equipment at high availabilities while complying to EU Regulations and also to support the screening personnel to the fullest with regards to their function at the airports.

Our Vision

We aim to provide to our Customers top quality products at competitive prices and to offer the best possible Service Level in the market.

Being the Leader in Cyprus and sustaining a very large technical base and infrastructure, Galatariotis Technical Ltd is expanding its operations in other countries and territories, such as Greece and the Middle East while keeping Customer satisfaction as Top Priority.

Contact Details

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