Animal by – products processing

Sigan Management Ltd

Sigan Management Ltd is a Cyprus based company that trades in the area of animal waste on all categories (which are not destined for human consumption) since 2006. The company collaborates with the Veterinary Services, the Department of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, the local authorities of Nicosia and Larnaca, the Customs and Excise Department, veterinary clinics, animal shelters and other organizations.

Sigan Management Ltd runs two rendering units that use the method of co-incineration and a unit which uses the method of incineration. The company is authorized by the Veterinary Services for the management of all animal waste categories (that is 1,2 and 3). It possesses a fleet of 15 specially formed trucks that collect dead animals and animal waste from all over Cyprus on a daily basis. The management of the operations is done through a call center and through the vehicles’ real time monitoring based on a satellite GPS system. Currently, the company collects from all over Cyprus, all category 1 dead animals and also a significant amount of category 3 animal byproducts from abattoirs, butcheries, meat processing factories as well as from producers.

Sigan Management Ltd plant facilities (rendering of 230 tons of raw material daily) are located in Kofinou and the company’s head offices are in Nicosia.

Sigan maintains a quality control and ISO procedures’ department, a call center, a waste gathering unit, a technical department regarding the units of rendering and final disposal as well as a commercial department which manages sales (both in Cyprus and abroad) of the final category 3 product, that is the animal fat and meat and bone meal (from which certain categories of animal feed is derived). Sigan Management Ltd exports animal fat and meat and bone meal in Greece, Spain, Germany and in Italy.

Sigan Management Ltd is a member of Galatariotis Brothers’ Group of Companies. Its Managing Director is Mr. Simos Galatariotis.

The disposal of animal byproducts is mandatory within the European Union based on the regulation 1069/2009 (EK) and aims at the protection of public health and the health of animals as well as the constant upgrading of the environment and the quality of life.