About us

Company profile

Galatariotis Technical is a Company in the Galatariotis Brothers’ Group of Companies established in 1966. The Group is involved in Industries, Trade, Distribution, Technical Services, Communication Technologies and Land Development.

Distribution – Technical Services – Communication Technologies

Galatariotis Technical Ltd. is a major supplier of telecommunication equipment in the Cyprus market since 1986. It focuses on the marketing and supply of advanced telephony and network solutions to enterprises all over Cyprus via the provision of integrated communication solutions and embedded electronic solutions. It aims in providing its customers with the most advanced and reliable technologies available in the world through its cooperation with world class telecommunications suppliers like ERICSSON-LG ENTERPRISE CO. LTD with a distribution agreement since 1987.

In the area of satellite communications we include in our product range SATELLITE BROADBAND INTERNET. In partnership with reliable hardware and network providers and with our commitment to excellent service we can now provide an impressive satellite internet package to our customers.

One of the major areas of activity of our Company is in the security screening of critical facilities like Ports, Airports, Prisons and other where we supply, install, commission and maintain the equipment.

Also a very important division of our Company is the provision of Stenotyping services in the Greek language for use by Courts, Government and Semi-Government organizations, Law offices etc.

Trade & Industry

Sigan Management Ltd., a subsidiary company of the Group is involved in the treatment and trading of animal by-products of all categories (not destined for human consumption). It operates two rendering plants and one incineration methods (The treatment and disposal of animal by-products is mandatory within the European Union).

All operations are covered with ISO quality standards.


Our mission is to be a leader in providing technologically advanced products and solutions to our customers to enable them perform develop their businesses and their jobs in the most efficient way for the benefit of our Country.

Letter from our Director

Galatariotis Technical Ltd. was established in 1986 with the aim of providing innovative and efficient technical solutions to Cyprus Enterprises, Government and Households and leading to a higher standard of living of the Cypriot people.

In all areas of our activities we strive to offer the right products in a cost efficient way which will enable our customers to obtain the maximum benefit. We provide full technical and maintenance services for our products and solutions to achieve the optimum operation.

We thank our numerous customers who made us the leaders in our areas of involvement and we promise to continue in our efforts to deliver value above their expectations.

George S. Galatariotis